Riester Uni I Otoscope with battery handle Type C, rheostat and Vacuum light


modèle 2010 Uni I Otoscope Riester uni®/econom® – the reliable product line for ENT and ophthalmology. Durable, user-friendly, variable and in the customary Riester quality. Features: Illumination of the examination area with 2.7 V vacuum, HL 2.5 V Halogen or xenon illumination XL 3.5 V, similar to daylight. Power sources via various handles or charging base ri-charger® possible. Choice of sets with exceptional cost-effectiveness. Developed and manufactured in Germany. 2.7 V instruments with vacuum lamps With reusable ear specula 2, 3 and 4 mm In a silver-coloured plastic case with two snap fasteners Riester uni® and econom® sets are handy examination assistants for ENT and ophthalmology. Available in various models and combinations, as well as an optional choice of 3 different illuminations.

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