Riester Ri-vision® (Slit-Light Retinoscope Head 3.5V Xenon, L2 Ophthalmoscope Head 3.5V Xenon)


Modèle :3794 Ri-scope® retinoscope Features: With slit-light and ophthalmoscope Two fixation cards for dynamic retinoscopy Illumination similar to daylight of the area to be examined with XL 3.5 V xenon illumination or HL 2.5 V halogen illumination All instrument heads are equipped with a bayonet fitting for fast and secure removal and attachment to the handles Developed and manufactured in Germany The first-class Riester ri-scope® product line for use in ENT and ophthalmology stands for highest quality and user friendliness. The large number of available instruments makes it possible to perform precise examinations and provide comfort in use. They are the result of close and continuous collaboration with specialist clinics and recognised professors. Functionality and choice of materials are continually checked in our development department and further developed.

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